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      2016 2nd annual and first half conclusion meeting successfully convened
      Time:2016-08-01    Source:    Views:3917

          In July 18th afternoon, our company had convened a 2nd annual and first half conclusion meeting mainly with the participants including Chairman members, production manager, the head of all departments, staff of all functional departments and engineers.

           At 2:30 pm, the meeting had begun on time. First, the head of all departments including production manager, Purchasing department, HR department, Quality department, R&D department presented in detail according to the work completion of 2nd annual and first half and 3rd annual’s work proposal. Then the production deputy general manager and marketing deputy general manager did a work conclusion and work proposal in individual.

           Second, General manager, Lin Canrong did an overall evaluation. He said the company’s theme of this year is march forward triumphantly with the board of directors’ right direction and Chairman Wu’s lead, more than 700 staff work together, all work well-organized successfully advanced, totally showed culture lead, business development, product upgrade, quality improved, stable staff, firm step. Compared the sales in first half with the corresponding period of last year, our company had increased well and the comprehensive competition had improved constantly. At the same time, Lin mad specific arrangement for 3rd annual and specially emphasized ten parts of work including the core value and the enterprise culture mix, market business, production, the management of supply chain and personnel, system construction, creative technology, secure and environment. What’s more, in second half, continue to construct in further, highlight the work point and overcome the company’s whole year’s targets.

            Third, the chairman, Wu Zijian made an important speech. He gave affirmation for first half’s achievement, propose the requirements of broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure, announce to build reward mechanism of saving energy and reduce the cost, requires of all staff closely around the "beachhead" theme, carry forward the “artisan spirit”, complete the second half’s work targets hard to achieve the sale targets of the whole year.

            Last, General manager, Lin Canrong and the head of production department Signed the "equipment management responsibility", all the items on the agenda had a full success.

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